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Cart being Acid Washed 

We clean every square inch of the cart. Scrub it and then inspect the entire cart frame.

After: The final Product

This is the final product and another happy customer. Budget was $5,500 Actual was $5,275

Lift Kit was added

Now we are wireing the cart and adding the batteries

Cart all clean and inspected

We will now plane the rebuilding process

Before: This 1998 Club Car DS 

From this we will transform this cart right before your eyes. 

 torn down ready for a good bath

We now wash the cart and inspect the frame.

A Look at A Few Steps to become a custom built Cart

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Installing The Custom Body

This custom body was chosen by the customer. It goes fantastic wit the custom seats.


Custom seats and roof

Installing the final touches on the cart, adding the extended roof and custom seats.

We Tear the cart to the frame

Yes we tear the cart all the way to the bare frame.